Puppies from Djaya de Besos


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Week 5

de acht O-wondertjes 29 dagen oud

the eight O-miracles – 29 days old

Week 5 was a week not to be forgotten!
Loaded, very busy!

It starts with the miracles being ready for some more space.
So……enlarged the puppyfence and at the same time added some toys that are a challenge.
One of them being a cat-toy > every time again a great success – just for a few days though!
One of the males found it  to be a great alternative sleeping place

lekker slapen in het kattenspeeltje

enjoying a sleep-over in the cat-toy

A waterbowl now also is available.
Drinking from it……not yet, but they do enjoy standing in it!
Eating – still by hand – is what they enjoy very much and very well, there’s a thing they don’t like.
Mum Djaya de Besos still nurses, she however now does that standing.
When she is done with that and walks away, you hear plop-plop-plop……

mama Djaya de Besos – staand voeden

mum Djaya de Besos – nursing them standing

The families this week all came to visit fot the second time and were happily surprised to see how well they have grown and to be allowed to now have them on their laps.
The moment that’s possible I always let that depend on the mum.
> but Djaya de Besos now is fairly relaxed about it, so it was time.
She however kept an eye on them from a small distance!

But then, but then, but then……
It was that time again : no escaping, not even for the O-miracles!
Not just eating from Geboortevrouwtjes’ hand, but from true foodbowls in a feedingtray!
And just look how well they do that.

de O-wondertjes aan tafel

the O-miracles sat down for dinner

And yes : that’s also part of the game here : we got the dishwashers in again!

de afwasploeg aan het werk

the dishwashers at work

The coming week there is lots in the calender again.

About that and more……next time