Puppies from Djaya de Besos


Week 2

due to study possiblities far away, so no time for a puppy
so we are on the lookout for 1 more loving family

de O-wondertjes 8 dagen oud

the O-miracles – 8 days old

Each and every time again one is astonished about how fast the weeks go by…….
And how fast those little miracles grow up

We have reported the birth with the Raad van Beheer and put in the Pedigree names.
And……all were accepted immediiately! Pfff….and that after the problems with our last 2 litters.

Mum Djaya de Besos and her eight O-miracles are doing great.
Mum has found her rhythm and the miracles are getting bigger very fast.
They are wonderfully quiet puppies and already move around in the birthbox.
In the beginning of the week that still was shuffling on their bellies, on day 14 they are already trying out their little legs.

mams en kroost 8 dagen oud

mum and offspring – 8 days old

By now mama Djaya de Besos no longer is in with them all the time.
So we took our Hijo’s doggybed out of the birthbox and replaced it by 2 smaller doggybeds
> nice and warm and the little ones can crawl next to and under them.
Mama Djaya de Besos now has something nice and warm to lay on in the pupppyfence :
not directly with but still very cllose to her miracles – what else can she ask for?


nice and cosy in the newly organized birthbox

What we also did this week, is for the first time cut their nails – this to protect the skin on mum’s belly
> and I was so smart to do it just after or while they were drinking!
But my-oh-my how fidgety they then are!
As if that wasn’t enough, they alsofor the first time were de-wormed >> gloring pink spatters.
But even that went reasonably well!

Mama Djaya de Besos still doesn’t allow anyone of the others in the birthbox, but being in the room all together and with me on the sofa, is okay with her. She then loves to be cuddled by me and the other girls.
And enjoying treats they also do together.
An then, out of the blue, grandma I Besos di Ròsa got up and went in with the miracles to cuddle and sniff
……and mama Djaya de Besos had no problems with it. Another hurdle taken.
Djaya de Besos every now and then even goes in to together with the other girls have a meal.
What some patience can bring.


grandma I Besos di Ròsa paying a visit

For some days, I had been on the lookout for something special – just as always at the end of
week 2 / start of week 3 Well, she didn’t keep me waiting for a long time :, for……………….on day 13 – one on day 14 – they showed my their beautiful eyes!
That’s só special, they all of a sudden have such cute heads and they then ….become doggies!


mum Djaya de Besos with her 8 miracles – 14 days old

So : more about this and more …….next time.