Puppies from Djaya de Besos


Week 4


de acht O-wondertjes  22 dagen oud

the eight O-miracles – 22 days old

Oh, how happy am I that the first day of week 5 brought us súch lovely wheather!
Exactly what was needed after that crowdy, very eventful fourth week.

For – as usual – in that fourth week a lot of things came along.
To start with , the possible future owners came to pay their first visit.
I do beleive thay all like them, they any way were surprised to see how far along they already were.
For the time being, visits are ‘one can look, but not touch! Difficult……but now still necessary.
We aim to keep our miracles healthy and mum’s stress limited.
Our Djaya de Besos you see is a súper protective mum and is upset after each visit.

mijn duveltje Djaya de Besos

my little devil Djaya de Besos

What else – apart form the aforementioned – happened?
For starters we provided the miracles with some more and new living space.
The shelves in the front of the birthbox have now gone, and the pupppyfence has trainingpads.
It immediately was a great success and in no time the pads had been inititated.

de O-wondertjes in hun nieuwe interieur

the O-miracles in their new livingquarters

The miracles themselves also took big steps forward – literally and figuratively –
because those shaky legs now are sturdy walkers!
They also, within 24 hours first had their teeth left and right in the upperjaw and then in the lower
> that’s called speeding up! I immediately thought ‘poor mama’!!

de O-wondertjes bestormen mama Djaya de Besos

the O-miracles storm mama Djaya de Besos

Something else it was also time for, was to – next to mum’s cream – start with getting solid food from Geboortevrouwtje > ofcourse fed by hand. We started with minced beef and after appr. 6 days we slowly starting replacing that with tripe-and-heart. They by now also get a teaspoon of veal liversausage.
They lóve it all!

voldane O-wondertjes na drinken, eten en spelen – slapen op een hoopje

satisfied O-miracles after drinking, eating and playing – sleep piled up

Another thing they have started to do is play with ‘baby Panda’ – they like mum adore him –
and the bears are not being neglected either.
So funny to see those little ones drag them along.
And ofcourse part of the game is biting in eachothers mouths, tails, ears and feet.

rotse mama Djaya de Besos met haar 28 dagen oude O-wondertjes

proud mama Djaya de Besos with her 28 days old O-miracles

de acht O-wondertjes 28 dagen en actief

the eight O-miracles 28 days old and active

More ……………………..next time