Puppies from Djaya de Besos


Week 3

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foto 1

the eight miracles – 15 days old

Already the third week.
Which we start of with little miracles already being a bit mobile.
Okay : still a little shaky, bur they for sure know what those little legs are for!

There also is the feel that they truely know me, the way they look at you with those pretty eyes.

Also…..for quiet some time, being the last week just for us, for………
next week the future families are coming over for their first visit.
Só curious to find out how the reactions will be when they for the first time see them alive and well.

But that will be then…..how was week 3?
Week 3 was a good week, with little ones getting more active every day, and starting to discover eachother.
Who have fun playing hide and seek underneath the doggybeds and who also can already crawl into them.
Our little hideouts and intruders…..but also our first jailbreaker!

foto 2


foto 3


foto 4

the first jailbreaker

They also already recognize me : when they are drinking at mum’s and I am busy giving their mum food and puppymilk, they – once finished drinking – come hobbling towards me for a cuddle and a kiss! Lovely!
I also gave them ‘litternames’ :
Brownie – Kikker – Rooie – Blue Boy – Ventje – Beertje – Dozer and Grijze.
That’s what they will have to do with untill we know which will be with whom and how they will then be called.

They grow so very well, they now already weigh 4 x their birthweight!
So their collars have to be changed regularly and clipping nails is done weekly.
They drink often and lots from mum Djaya de Besos.
But mum Djaya de Besos now often eats together with her family again

foto 5

at mum Djaya’s bar

foto 6

mum Djaya now sometimes eating with the others

We adjusted the birthbox a little – took out those smaller shelves in the front – to get used to more visual space, for it won’t take long before that will be what they will need.

foto 7

the miracles in the adjusted birthbox

This week we made the firsttime visiting appointments – so the coming week will be exciting for everyone
> for the families who will see them for the first time and for us because we anxiously are looking forward to see their reactions to our O-miracles.
But it’s going to be really tough on mum Djaya de Besos, because she is an extreemly protective mum.

foto 8

mum Djaya de Beoss with her eight O-miracles

About that and more…………………next time