Puppies from Djaya de Besos


Week 1

De acht O-wondertjes van Djaya

Djaya de Besos her eight O-miracles

Her due date being April 8……..
Djaya de Besos decided that Sunday April 02 was a perfect date of birth for her O-miracles!
Just like with her first litter well over two years ago, she smoothly got the job done.
Within 5 hours, she made the world somewhat prettier with 8 beautiful miracles : 3 pretty girls and 5 handsome lads.

This time the whole family wasn’t present all the time – very unlike us.
But our Hniña de Besos, who last November had her first litter, became so uncomfortable that it did the same to
Djaya de Besos. So Hniña de Besos, together with her mum I Besos di Ròsa and grandma Ròsa Ke-sera, went upstairs to go lay on the bed > ofcourse with all doors open so they could hear all that happened.
When all was done, quickly got them back in and by then
Hniña de Besos had already calmed down a lot.

Following the tradition, these miracles were also baptized : with a delicious Spanish Cava…….the rest was for me!


Baptism bubbles

Even though everything to us seemed to be allright, we as always asked the Vet to come check them over
> and he was more than satisfied.
Also with mama Djaya the Besos.
Our mama Djaya de Besos who normally is such a sweet girl with whatever, now is só protective that I needed to give him the puppies one by one high up in the air. Because him just going in to touch them…no way!
Also the checking of herself couldn’t just be done : I had to keep a good hold on her. After that she didn’t know how fast she could get to lie down with her offspring again.

This time we allowed ourselves a few days before making the birth public.
Even daddies owners first got to know about it after a few days.
– we simply needed that space, that time for ourselves.
They, as we, ofcourse were happy for and with us!

Then it was time to call the families we were about to make happy.
And yes….there also were a few calls with another message.
But after getting done with the disappointment that could be solved differently.

We are very glad with families that are so happy to shortly welcome a
Cocódotjes-miracle in their homes.


mama Djaya de Besos met haar pasgeboren achtling

mum Djaya de Besos with her just born eight puppies

Just like the first time, Djaya de Besos is a perfect mum : she cleans and clears, pushes, slides and hides them and simply is very happy with them.
That she herrself eats and drinks very good is a big releive.

On Friday, after weighing etc, I one by one introduced the miracles to the other girls.
While Djaya de Besos behind me at ease lay watching, all three had a moment to smell, sniff and give a kiss.
But…oh, só funny!! It made that crazy well over 13 years old great-grandma
Ròsa Ke-sera so happy, that she ended up dancing around in circles with a very happy face!

Just like the times before, we keep to the tradition of putting our Hijo’s doggybed in the birthbox.
My girls  still are happy to be in his doggybed.
And to this way be able to choose where to lie down with or without their puppies.
We once again are in luck with calm, satisfied puppies.

mama Djaya de Besos met haar 1 week oude wondertjes

mum Djaya de Besos with her 1 week old

We are happy that due to the changed rules concerning COVID, all can be done in a more relaxed way.
Still all are asked to take care.

We feel very privileged that we have found loving families for all miracles.
So being able to spend all the time on them and the families.

About this and more……next time